What’s Your Ring Type? Wedding Bands to Fit Every Personality

It’s one of the toughest decisions for any bride and groom — and, no, we don’t mean where to seat feuding relatives at the wedding reception.

We’re talking wedding bands, symbols of eternal love, and the most important pieces of jewelry a man and woman will ever own.

In the search for the perfect wedding bands, many couples turn to platinum to ensure they are getting the best value for their money. With a bevy of styles and a range of prices — a platinum band can be purchased starting at $1,000 — it’s easy to find a ring that best suits the bride’s personality.

“No matter what ‘type’ you are,” says style expert Michael O’Connor, “you’re guaranteed of getting the best possible ring for the price because platinum, being naturally white, will not fade or change color, lasting over a lifetime of wear.”

What’s your ring type? Read on:

* Down-to-Earth. This no-nonsense bride has been planning her wedding for years — with the stacks of bridal magazines to prove it — and knows exactly what she wants.

Ring type: Instead of anything too delicate or dainty, look for a heavier, more solid design. A simple platinum band or one with a bezel set diamond ensures a timeless look.

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* Adventurous. She’s a risk-taker who’s feeling so daring about her nuptials that she may even have considered eloping. (Well, at least a destination wedding.)

Ring type: A dynamic personality requires a stand-out ring, so go for a platinum band set with colored stones or intricate engraving.

* Social butterfly. This people-pleaser loves to entertain and wants to ensure that her wedding day is special for every single guest.

Ring type: A small, discreet gemstone, like a single solitaire, displayed in a flush cut on a platinum band will provide just the right adornment.

* Quirky. This bride is looking for ways to inject her and her partner’s personalities into every aspect of the wedding day, whether through DIY details or a choreographed first dance.

Ring type: A platinum tension setting with an unconventional gemstone creates a unique look.

Lastly, wedding bands are important symbols of your lifelong commitment, so even if your band styles don’t match, at least look to share the same metal. To learn more, visit www.preciousplatinum.com/designgallery.


Brides – get ready for the big day!!!

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Abundant Moments, should be your wedding photographer

Abundant Moments Photography is located in South Lees Summit.

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Over the past 12 years since they opened their doors full time, Debra has personally shot over 400 weddings. Now she limits her weddings to only 15 weddings per year so she can focus on each bride and groom and give them the attention they deserve.

Wedding Photographers serving Kansas City

Happy honeymoon on it's way

Anyone who has picked up a camera knows that its difficult to capture what you see in a single image.

It takes a careful combination of talent, knowledge and passion to achieve the look we so desire. Especially when photographing someone’s wedding.

This is the only chance to get it right and allot goes into those simple moments to make them stand out with out disrupting all that surrounds you.  Wedding phtographers who can do what Debra does is worth every penny and muh more!

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That’s why a big percentage of Debra’s time is spent teaching photography to community members and mentoring new photographers.

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Can’t Decide on a Honeymoon Destination?

By: Haley Davis w/ Destinations HD Travel

Do you both have different ideas on where you want to go for your honeymoon?  If so, you are not alone.  Planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip together can be very stressful. You want to relax on sandy beaches in the Caribbean while he has always wanted to see Italy. So now what??

Before this turns into a stressful fight, take a breath and sit down with separate pads of paper. Each of you write down your list of essentials – hiking, beach, culture experience, swim-up pool bar, relaxing intimate time together, or active exploration of a new destination?  Once you have a clear picture of what would make an ideal honeymoon to you – share notes and see what you have in common.  Determine your budget and rule out destinations or ideas that may not match your savings plan. Be sure to keep in mind the time of year you will be traveling to your destination, as weather may play a part in your decision.  You might come up with a better idea or see why your fiancé actually has a great plan!

Once you have discussed and determined your list of essential details and budget for your honeymoon – contact a travel agent. A professional will have a better idea on what you are looking for and could even recommend something you never even thought of.

In the end, just keep in mind you are going to be with the person most important to you for the rest of your life – Maybe you can go to the other destination for your first year anniversary celebration!

By: Haley Davis w/ Destinations HD Travel

For more information: Contact Haley Davis at www.destinations-hd.com or call (913) 244-9195

How to Make Seating Arrangements For the Wedding

With brides dreaming of saying their “I do’s” with their toes inside the sand, destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Perhaps you’ve a destination in thoughts, or perhaps you’re just toying with the thought. This short article will provide you with some suggestions for planning your dream destination wedding.

Weddings in Kansas City, The Knot, Tie The Knot

Photo Credit Phoenix Photography

For brides-to-be, do not settle for the initial wedding dress you discover. You want to produce positive which you discover your choices and end up using the dress of one’s dreams. If your dress is just going to end up sitting within the closet, you could even need to contemplate renting a dress for the day.

The Knot Kansas City, Tie

About a month prior to you are getting your wedding, go on a diet plan. On this diet plan, attempt to cut back the amount of fats, sugars and carbohydrates which you place into the body. This will enable you to maintain the figure that you want and fit into your dress when the wedding comes.

The Knot, Weddings in Kansas City, Phoenix Photography

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Get probably the most out of your wedding planner by doing your homework before your initial meeting. Adhere to the lead of fashion designers and stylists who develop “look books” and mood boards comprised of fabric swatches, imagery along with other inspirational tidbits that may serve as a starting point for the finished item. You’ll be able to consist of magazine clippings, photographs or perhaps song lyrics to communicate your vision for your planner.

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Bring a pair of fold-up flats with you to a wedding so you can dance the night away without destroying your feet. The worst factor to possess on your honeymoon is sore feet, so take care of them! Book your self to get a pedicure just before you leave on your trip and contain waxing to create sure you’ll look super hot in your bikini!

Adhere to this suggestions from star stylists just before red carpet appearances: A week prior to your wedding, put on your head-to-toe large day look (hair, makeup, shoes, dress) and have a member of the wedding party photograph you. Images do not lie, and you may discover an opportunity to tweak or update your look that you might otherwise not have thought of.

The Knot, Wedding Photography, Kansas City

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Spend as much time as you will need when writing your wedding vows. Remember you want your soon-to-be spouse to know just how much they imply to you. Also, attempt not to make use of outdoors sources when writing your vows–you need to make certain the words are what you really feel, not what somebody does.

When you mail out your wedding invitations, make certain which you mail them out all simultaneously. When guests receive their invitation they are bound to speak with other individuals that they think will probably be attending the wedding as well. The last issue you want is for a person to feel left out because they were a part of the later batch.

If you are stuck on selecting a theme for your wedding, first think about the season in which you’re obtaining married. If it really is during the winter, possess a winter wonderland themed wedding. If it’s in the course of the spring, have a garden themed wedding. Be inventive and match it for the season.

Even though the weather might be at it really is peak, you most likely don’t wish to strategy your destination wedding for a time when the most tourists are showing up at the location you’ve selected. Attempt to aim for any time when there’s a lull, like when youngsters go back to school in September.

Conserve funds on expensive floral arrangements and centerpieces by producing a a lot more relaxed, informal, tea party-inspired reception region or wedding breakfast. Feel delicate: tiny, dainty, fragrant pink and yellow rosebuds, cost-effective carnations, and tiny daisies. You are able to use vintage teacups and location settings to complete the appear. As opposed to a big, tiered cake, inquire about sweet, perfectly portioned petit fors.

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Should you are having only a single beautician performing all of the makeup and hair styles, you need to be certain that the bride will be the last to have it done. Fresh makeup and hair is going to produce all the distinction in the look from the bride on her huge day.

A great factor for the bride to remember when it comes to weddings would be to ensure which you do not have any distracting tan lines. This is crucial since you could attempt to acquire a nice tan prior to the wedding but tan lines may be distracting when inside your dress.

The Knot, Kansas City, Tie the Knot, Wedding Photography

Photo Credit Phoenix Photography

Pick food for the wedding that you simply take pleasure in. Do not worry about what your guests believe, it really is your day to appreciate! The only thing you ought to contemplate, is if you had been a vegetarian, then you need to offer a few meat options for your guests and not force a tofurken on them.

If you fear that individuals will not wish to offer you cash wedding presents as they do not have a lot of funds to provide, consist of a “cash box” at the door for your reception. Guests are asked within the wedding invitations to bring their gift in an unmarked envelope, permit them to location it within the box anonymously and decreasing any guilt they may well really feel.

Weddings will use plenty of materials, so when you are preparing your wedding, make certain that you do issues to assistance the green motion. Attempt to make use of lots of recyclable items to limit the quantity of waste that’s created. This will assist the environment tremendously and enhance your conscience also.

Just before you get married, ensure you talk about the subject of youngsters with your prospective mate. Possessing this discussion beforehand will stay away from any disagreements after you are married.

Don’t let family members and friends tell you how your wedding must or shouldn’t be. A lot of instances, individuals who’re obtaining married let their family members influence their choices and they end up unhappy using the way their huge day turned out. If you demand aid together with your wedding, employ a wedding planner.

Tie the Knot, The Knot, Weddings in Kansas City, Wedding Photography

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As stated at the beginning of the article, the honeymoon is among the best parts of getting married. It is the time you get to wind down, and finally unwind from each of the crazy wedding organizing that’s been operating your life. Hopefully this short article has given you some really excellent honeymoon ideas that will help you kick-off your new life together as a married couple.

Thanks to Article Alley for this inspiring article.

Photography courtesy of Phoenix Photography in Greater Kansas City