10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Let’s face it. Having a Wedding is not cheap. We want to cut corners but we also don’t want to serve hot dogs on paper plates (unless of course that’s part of your wedding theme). We offer some ideas below on ways you can save up to a few thousand dollars on your wedding that can possibly be used as a down payment towards a new home together. There are so many ways to save money on your wedding. You just have to start thinking about them! We start you off with ten money saving ideas below.

Keep Your Guest List Small

You know who your closest friends and family are and we suggest creating your guest list based these people. Having a small guest list does affect a few factors, however, such as the type of wedding reception you have and the total cost of the reception. If you want a big wedding bash, you may not get that with a small guest list, but you do save on the amount you spend for food and costs for renting out a location with a large reception area.

Serve Your Own Liquor/Alcohol

If you have tables set up, you may want to put a bottle or two of champagne or wine for guests to serve themselves. You may also be able to find an acquaintance who happens to be a bartender to help provide drinks to your guests. What you pay this person will be significantly less than hiring an actual bartender at your reception’s location.

Turn Your Dinner Reception into Something Different

Have a wedding reception brunch or cocktail/dessert party will cut your food costs in half (or more). Or if you prefer to have your wedding around dinner time, heavy h’orderves buffet style is an excellent substitution to a dinner plate. Sometimes this option is more filling and guests have a variety of food from which to choose.

Get Married During Non-Traditional Wedding Months, Days and Hours

April through August and December are generally the busiest wedding months. If you decide that you want to get married during the wedding season, try booking ahead of time, up to a year if possible. Saturday is the most common day of the week to have a wedding; you will save money booking your wedding on any other day of the week. Wedding Catering Dinner is also the most expensive time during the day to have your wedding reception. Again, depending on the type of wedding you want- all night partying or mid-day tea party and brunch, your choices are limited for times that your reception will take place.

Make Your Own Veil

Creating your own veil will cut your costs by at least $75. Depending on the type of veil you want to wear, with or without a dazzling headpiece, you can save even more. Making your own veil also adds some sentimental value to your wedding. The love of your life will be the one to left the veil(that you personally created) away from your face to give you your first kiss after being married.

Don’t Purchase a Customized Wedding Attire

Bridal salons can customize their gowns to your exact shape and size, as well as your choice of wedding dress design and details. This comes with a price tag of course and usually a several thousand dollar price tag. You can save money by going to a warehouse or outlet to look for discontinued dresses or out of season wedding dresses from designers. Even if these gowns do not fit you just right, you can still take your dress to get it custom fitted and you still end up saving thousands of dollars. Another thing to remember is that many salons also have display dresses for sale (sizes are usually smaller) and if you fit in smaller size range, you may find the perfect gown ready to wear.

Limit the Photographer’s Time

Save on photographers by hiring them only for certain times of the wedding and maybe only the first hour of the reception. Also, ask if they can provide you with the negatives or a copy of the memory card of the images for a fee. You will save on enlargements instead of going through the wedding photographer to enlarge your wedding photos.

Make Your Own Invitations

This is your chance to show some creativity! Make a night or two or three of it with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be. This is definitely one way to spend some time together and make your invites a little more personal.

Use Artificial Flowers

Use fake flowers for all-over decor and flower girl baskets. Use fresh flowers for your own bouquet. Artificial flowers (especially high quality artificial flowers) can look even more brilliant and colorful than real flowers. You might also be able to find exotic flowers that would cost hundreds to import. Many craft stores like JoAnn or Michaels often have sales and a good variety to choose from. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you can use them afterwards to decorate your home.

Hold Your Wedding Reception in Your Parents’ Beautiful Backyard (or Yours)

Not only will you save on reception location costs, you’ll save on per head charges, cake cutting, food and this list goes on. Not only is this an excellent way to save money but it’s an excellent way to make your wedding close and personal. You can invite more friends and family and make it a memorable affair for everyone. Just because it’s held in your backyard, you can still have it anytime during the day especially at night. Just make sure you have proper lighting and create the right atmosphere for night-time backyard receptions.

Wedding Reception Venues

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Wedding Cakes

Wedding DJs

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There is Still a Demand for Wedding Photographers

Photography by Phoenix Photography Inc. ,Greater Kansas City and nation wide.

With all the technological advances in video, audio and photography, there is still a large demand for wedding photographers. Although it isn’t uncommon for professional photographers to offer an all inclusive package which may include the photographs, video, audio and maybe a nice package to display all these in for family and friends.

Taking quality wedding photographs is a skilled trade. It takes a lot of work and practice to hone your skills to have the ability to offer professional wedding photography. Regardless of the equipment used whether its digital or film, you can’t expect the camera to do the work for you. The photographer has to have the skill and knowledge to capture the results you desire for that special day.

A good photographer will not only know the “ins and outs” of his equipment, he will also have the knowledge to properly stage shots so everyone is properly placed, the lighting is just right and the emotion of that moment is captured. When the moment comes to exchange rings and pronounce the unforgettable “I do”, this is a moment in your lifetime you want to capture. I think it’s safe to say you would be quite upset if the wedding photographer missed that moment.

The Knot, Kansas City, Tie the Knot, Wedding Photography

Photo by KC Photo Innovations

Even though most photographers today are using digital SLR cameras, many will still use film cameras so they can use the aperture and shutter capability they’re used to so they capture that extra feeling and emotion film delivers. A professional wedding photographer will also bring extra equipment to ensure they have proper backup should any piece of equipment fail. You certainly don’t want to be left empty handed because of a minor, or major for that matter, technical issue that will prevent capturing that day you will remember until the end of time.

Photo by KC Photo Innovations

There are lots of wedding photographers out there so take your time with hiring someone. Most professional photographers will have a website where you can preview their portfolio. Many photographers will have developed their own style and you may notice some sort of consistency in their portfolio. If this style is what you have in mind then you probably found the right one.

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Photography by Phoenix Photography Inc. ,Greater Kansas City and nation wide.

Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World and in Kansas City

IF there is one thing that is universal, it has to be love. But the way that people express their love is as diverse as the polars. Every culture has its own unique way of going about wedding ceremonies. From the bizarre to the nobly, wedding traditions are a whole subject of study and admiration. Below are some of the most unique wedding traditions from around the world and Kansas City Weddings.

Kansas City Weddings

In greater Kansas City there are so many great wedding venues it can become difficult to choose.  Most brides are looking for sunny days in KC, but the weather can be tricky – so be sure to have alternate plans for your out doors wedding.  For wedding photography before or after your Ceremony you will find dozens of areas for your photography use.  Generally your experienced wedding photographer will have several ideas for out doors shooting.  Be sure your wedding day photographer has a good flash for indoors, yellow muddy picture are not attractive – you want true skin tones and clear photos of all your wedding day and your guests.


Probably the most unique aspect African wedding tradition is the payment of dowry. A groom has to bring to the bride’s father a specified number of domestic animals like cattle, goat, camels, etc for him to get the permission to marry the daughter. In other parts of Africa a marriage can be arranged before the bride or even groom is born.


In this expansive continent, traditions are so much diverse littered with ancient traditions. But one of the most poignant is the Chinese one where the bridal gown is screaming red, and a gift of a whole roast pig has to be given to the bride’s father beforehand.
European countries

One of the most unique things about weddings in Latvia and Lithuania is that the wedding has to be published in the church bulletin for up to six months beforehand. And then the bride has to spend at least a week with the groom’s mother to be evaluated whether she is a fitting wife for the son.

In Germany, there is a tradition where the night before the wedding, friends, guests and relatives bring and break old dishes in front of the couple’s house as it is held that the broken dishes will forever bring luck to the union.

Believe it or not, a good number of wedding traditions in common practice today are borrowed from Europe. There is a European tradition and belief that the bride should not step on the threshold of the couple’s new home, as that would bring bad luck to the marriage. Thus the groom has to carry the bride over the threshold when entering the house for the first time.

The Americas

In Mexico, the bride and groom during the ceremony have to be draped together in a special ribbon known as the lasso to signify their unity as a single matrimonial unit. And tradition has it that the groom has to give thirteen gold coins to show his ability to take care of his bride.

In Peru, between the wedding cake layers is a wedding charm attached to a ribbon. Single women are then called upon to pull the strings and then one who pulls the one attached to the charm has the luck to be married within year.

In Puerto Rico, the presiding priest blesses a plateful of coins and gives them to the husband to be. Afterwards, the new husband presents the same to his new wife as a sign of luck and lack of want in that marriage.

There are very many other unique Kansas City wedding traditions from around the world that serve to bring out the esteem and the high regard in which the marriage custom is held. Whichever way you do it, let it be from the heart and of course true love.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

A wedding venue can be arranged indoors or outdoors.  The outdoor wedding locations ideas which are truly impressive. To help make the outdoor wedding successful, you need to plan it carefully and select the right location. An outside wedding ceremony can make the marriage unique and memorable. You also must evaluate weather conditions before fixing the date for an outdoor wedding and reception.

Beach wedding differs from the other types, you should plan all the tasks in advance.

Go ahead and take necessary permission from the local authorities and arrange for the seating arrangement for your guests, food, drinks and fun games. Have attractive and smartly designed wedding gowns for the bride and the groom created by reputed designers and click some wonderful wedding photos.

If you have a tight budget, you can consider the wedding ceremony and reception to be held at the same venue. Moreover, it will be even more convenient for the invitees. and most inexpensive position for an outdoor wedding is the backyard. This selection can only be treated for people with a big backyard of course.

For people with a farmhouse at a location which is quiet, full of greenery and trees and near the river side, then you can plan the wedding function at that place. Wedding at a farmhouse in beautiful surroundings would surely be a good option.

Organizing a wedding ceremony in a nice hotel at a serene place is definitely among the best outdoor wedding locations. An accommodation with a great view of the sea and posh interiors would be suitable for the wedding ceremony. Almost all the cities have such hotels and so you would have a range of choice while choosing the right kind of hotel. When the wedding location is selected, then you definitely should start the preparation for decorations and other accessories. Wedding Reception Venues Kansas City  for the wedding ceremony to ready for the ceremony.  Also make some arrangements for the aisle runner, ceremony staging, floral services, labor, catering services, bar services, arrangement of tables and chairs, dance floor set-up, music or DJ services and clean-up once the wedding commemoration.

Since outdoor locations are full of natural charm, just a few decorations are required. You can improve the beauty of the location by using candelabras, vines, flowers, tulle weaved around gazebo rails, floral or wooden archways, tiered floral display, aisle runner, potted flowers or pew decorations at the ends of row or chair covers or bow.

During summer, you’ll be able to select food which includes fresh juicy fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, watermelon and papaya. The key course will incorporate the seafood for example fresh lobster, oyster and meat. Stay away from alcoholic drinks, because they can be dehydrating. Serve your attendees with some refreshing beverages such as fruit punches, lemonades or iced teas.

Foods and beverages served in the outdoor bridal ceremony should suit to the wedding time. As for the entertainment part, keep a few interesting games like musical chairs, passing the parcel and Chinese whispers! Both the kids and adults will immensely enjoy such games. You can also keep some loose balls from time to time, for your invitees to play and have fun with. Another interesting outdoor wedding idea is to have a photo booth installed, the location where the families can get their snaps clicked together, with the couple. Should you not intend to spend much on the wedding cake, it is possible to go with a two- to three-layered cake and add small flower petals as toppings. Maintain your cake on a heightened table top, so the presentation will be good. Keeping bottles of sunscreen and paper fans handy is one the best useful outdoor wedding ideas for summer weddings.

Should you be considering for an evening wedding, be sure that the place is well-lit plus you’ve got bug sprays around to combat the problem of insects and bugs.

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5 Ideas For Creative and Unusual Wedding Cakes

As the centerpiece of your wedding reception, wedding cakes are a bride’s opportunity to make a major style statement. But many brides don’t particularly like the taste of wedding cake, and some simply prefer to serve something a little more distinctive for the dessert course. Looking for something different? Browse our ideas for a refreshing spin on the traditional wedding cake.

1. Break the Mold

Cupcakes and doughnuts are trendy alternatives to traditional wedding cakes, but good ol’ Jell-O might be the most creative new option. When molded into cake form with a touch of class and ingredients like tropical fruit, champagne, and lychee nut, the family picnic favorite can be transformed into an elegant and refreshingly light treat perfect for a summer or outdoor wedding. Plus, it’s bound to be an instant conversation starter. Love the idea? Present it to your caterer to recreate it.

2. Wedding Cakes Made of Cheese

Scattered plates with barely nibbled pieces of wedding cake are an all-too-familiar sight at receptions. If you want to serve a dessert your guests will actually eat, consider a wedding “cake” made of cheese. No, not the rich, loaded with sugar variety with graham cracker crust – literally a cake made of cheese stacked in tiers and decorated to look like a wedding cake. Adornments like foliage, grapes, berries, nuts, and flowers transform a creamy lancashire or unpasteurized cheddar into an elaborate wedding cake that can match your decor scheme.

The trend is taking off in the U.K. where cheese for dessert is prevalent. In its infancy on this side of the pond, this is a chance for you to be truly on the cusp. Guests with a savory soft spot and those last holdovers from the Atkins revolution will be only too happy to forego the buttercream frosting and rolled fondant.

3. Blinged out Baked Goods

When it comes to wedding day bling, bejeweled brides have some competition. Now your cake can don jewelry too! That’s right, the latest adornments to hit wedding cakes are hand-made Swarovski Crystal Cake Jewelry. Design a sparkilicious cake bedecked with crystal monograms, hearts, flowers or butterflies. Order a cake from your local bakery, then use the customizing tools available at Verydifferentcakes.com to design dazzling cake jewelry for it.

4. Flavorful Fountains

Chocolate fountains in lieu of wedding cakes have been done. So put a new spin on the chocolate fountain with a colorful, flowing display of fruit coulis, which is that powerfully tangy syrup made from raspberries, mangoes, or other fruits and often comes drizzled over something like a flourless chocolate cake. In its fountain form, dip brownies, shortbread, and other cakes and cookies for a sweet, fruity treat.

5. Cake Fake Out

If you like the look of iced tiers, but want something truly surprising, have rich, velvety gourmet cheesecakes stacked and decorated like a traditional wedding cake. Your guests will be none the wiser until it is time to slice up.