Before You Marry, Meld and Merge a Perfectly Accessorized Home

Some brides-to-be might find it hard to think beyond the intense planning that a wedding requires. But beyond the pomp and circumstance of the big day, it’s important to think ahead to mergers — not the corporate kind, but the merging of styles and décor to set up a home the bride and groom will both love.

Forget Mars and Venus. Men are from the planet of mismatched furniture and floor coverings, while women accessorize their home with as much care and finesse as they do their wardrobes. Ideally, decorating a first home together begins with the furniture and accessories near and dear to both the bride and groom.

But if a bride-to-be can’t live with her fiancé’s 1970s thrift store coffee table and orange bean bag chair, chances are he won’t be thrilled with her antique oak hope chest and ornately carved sleigh bed. Can these two conflicting schemes co-exist after the couple has crossed the threshold?

Designer Home collections make it easier than ever to meld female and male sensibilities in home décor by offering products to suit a variety of styles. Bedding, furniture, fabrics, area rugs, flooring, storage accessories, table linens and window coverings are all designed to work in traditional and more updated settings. Here, florals and neutrals work remarkably well together, and tactile fabrics add depth, style and colorful nuance. No matter which room is the newlyweds’ favorite, bedrooms, baths and living rooms all can be decked out in style. For the latest in designer styles for the home, couples can check out the Liz Claiborne Home collection on and

* Setting the tone. Choose a color scheme together, and creatively arrange furniture and accessories around it. Find a neutral ground to meld his love of earth tones, for example, with her love of soft fabrics. A mélange of colors and fabrics — on everything from comforters to window valances — will inspire looks ideal for both Mr. and Mrs.

* Splish, splash. Create an understated, clean look in the bath for him, but add accessories with a dash of color to satisfy a bride-to-be’s lively outlook. Bold shower curtains, wastebaskets and vanity items inject freshness and personality.

* Boudoir basics. Usher in a new home with a fresh set of bedding; couples can look for a variety of styles and colors designed to be dressed up or left as is for a classic look. Decorative pillows, shams, coverlets and throws complete the look and are a great way for wedding guests to add to the couple’s cozy love nest.

* Staples of style. If he loves a more modern style, but she wants a retro feel, furniture options in leather, fine fabrics, hardwood and wicker can readily mesh both personalities.

* Merging moods. She’s a homebody; he likes beaches and picnics. For bedrooms and living rooms, couples can combine sensibilities with bedding and furniture lines that bring the outside in, and vice versa. Try mixing a table from one line with a chair from another — mixing it up is a playful way to punch up the personality of a room.

Just like in the corporate world, mergers can either run smoothly or be a headache. By considering the sensibilities the bride and groom share — rather than just the differences — creating a first home together can be one merger full of fringe benefits.

What’s Your Ring Type? Wedding Bands to Fit Every Personality

It’s one of the toughest decisions for any bride and groom — and, no, we don’t mean where to seat feuding relatives at the wedding reception.

We’re talking wedding bands, symbols of eternal love, and the most important pieces of jewelry a man and woman will ever own.

In the search for the perfect wedding bands, many couples turn to platinum to ensure they are getting the best value for their money. With a bevy of styles and a range of prices — a platinum band can be purchased starting at $1,000 — it’s easy to find a ring that best suits the bride’s personality.

“No matter what ‘type’ you are,” says style expert Michael O’Connor, “you’re guaranteed of getting the best possible ring for the price because platinum, being naturally white, will not fade or change color, lasting over a lifetime of wear.”

What’s your ring type? Read on:

* Down-to-Earth. This no-nonsense bride has been planning her wedding for years — with the stacks of bridal magazines to prove it — and knows exactly what she wants.

Ring type: Instead of anything too delicate or dainty, look for a heavier, more solid design. A simple platinum band or one with a bezel set diamond ensures a timeless look.

 celtic wedding rings men 2

* Adventurous. She’s a risk-taker who’s feeling so daring about her nuptials that she may even have considered eloping. (Well, at least a destination wedding.)

Ring type: A dynamic personality requires a stand-out ring, so go for a platinum band set with colored stones or intricate engraving.

* Social butterfly. This people-pleaser loves to entertain and wants to ensure that her wedding day is special for every single guest.

Ring type: A small, discreet gemstone, like a single solitaire, displayed in a flush cut on a platinum band will provide just the right adornment.

* Quirky. This bride is looking for ways to inject her and her partner’s personalities into every aspect of the wedding day, whether through DIY details or a choreographed first dance.

Ring type: A platinum tension setting with an unconventional gemstone creates a unique look.

Lastly, wedding bands are important symbols of your lifelong commitment, so even if your band styles don’t match, at least look to share the same metal. To learn more, visit


Brides – get ready for the big day!!!

Weight Loss Competition Begins March 31st 2014

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We have quickly become one of the most popular programs in the Olathe, Johnson County and Blue Valley. The goal is to have participants living healthy, with vitality and energy for the rest of their lives. Because of all the helpful information and weekly accountability attendance at the weekly classes is a key factor in ensuring success.

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Abundant Moments, should be your wedding photographer

Abundant Moments Photography is located in South Lees Summit.

The Owner, Debra Lawrence of Abundant Moments Weddings, is a mom of 6 kiddos – so she KNOWS kids, newborn and family photography as well as being a seasoned wedding photograher who can turn out the very best images for any wedding couple!!!

Over the past 12 years since they opened their doors full time, Debra has personally shot over 400 weddings. Now she limits her weddings to only 15 weddings per year so she can focus on each bride and groom and give them the attention they deserve.

Wedding Photographers serving Kansas City

Happy honeymoon on it's way

Anyone who has picked up a camera knows that its difficult to capture what you see in a single image.

It takes a careful combination of talent, knowledge and passion to achieve the look we so desire. Especially when photographing someone’s wedding.

This is the only chance to get it right and allot goes into those simple moments to make them stand out with out disrupting all that surrounds you.  Wedding phtographers who can do what Debra does is worth every penny and muh more!

Unique, Extraordinary, Breathtaking -Abundant Moments Photography

That’s why a big percentage of Debra’s time is spent teaching photography to community members and mentoring new photographers.

We want to offer Debra of Abundant Moments a huge “Thank You” for all she has done for her community and photography!

“Capturing God’s Blessings in the Faces Of  Those We Love”

Abundant Moments Photography

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Se can also be found on Tie The Knot, Kansas City Style for her outstanding weddng photography

Can’t Decide on a Honeymoon Destination?

By: Haley Davis w/ Destinations HD Travel

Do you both have different ideas on where you want to go for your honeymoon?  If so, you are not alone.  Planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip together can be very stressful. You want to relax on sandy beaches in the Caribbean while he has always wanted to see Italy. So now what??

Before this turns into a stressful fight, take a breath and sit down with separate pads of paper. Each of you write down your list of essentials – hiking, beach, culture experience, swim-up pool bar, relaxing intimate time together, or active exploration of a new destination?  Once you have a clear picture of what would make an ideal honeymoon to you – share notes and see what you have in common.  Determine your budget and rule out destinations or ideas that may not match your savings plan. Be sure to keep in mind the time of year you will be traveling to your destination, as weather may play a part in your decision.  You might come up with a better idea or see why your fiancé actually has a great plan!

Once you have discussed and determined your list of essential details and budget for your honeymoon – contact a travel agent. A professional will have a better idea on what you are looking for and could even recommend something you never even thought of.

In the end, just keep in mind you are going to be with the person most important to you for the rest of your life – Maybe you can go to the other destination for your first year anniversary celebration!

By: Haley Davis w/ Destinations HD Travel

For more information: Contact Haley Davis at or call (913) 244-9195