The Business of Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Topper is a very commonly used cake decoration part. It is used in many different occasions for decorating the cake. The starting of the cake toppers was done with the wedding cakes, but with time and huge popularity, it became a part of decoration in many other occasions where cake is used.

For wedding cake toppers, the most common forms are the bride and the groom.

Kansas City Wedding Cake Topper

But sometimes, the marring couple like something else and the professional cake topper makers can create design as they want.
Then, sometimes, the couple likes different shapes as their hobby. In case of other occasions, the toppers can be different according to the theme of the event.
The professional toppers are mainly related with the cake business; in other words, the professional cake makers have topper making business in parallel to their original business. This is a great opportunity for them to increase their business as well as getting more customers. But also there are independent cake topper makers who have nothing to do with cake making.
It is not very difficult to find a job in the cake topper business. But you must have a great quality. In case of the cake toppers, the finishing is very important. You also need to have a great artistic sense to make the toppers. The design of the shapes and the appropriate color combination is very important to make a nice looking topper. As a cake topper maker what you should do is to try to keep the clients by creating excellent products as well as providing great customer service.

The Monogram Cake Toppers job and different options for them as well as suggestion to do better in the business.

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Simply Unique Events is the One‐Stop Source For Your Wedding!

Planning a wedding can be a joyful yet stressful time. There is often a decision to make, or challenge to resolve, at every turn of that journey to the altar.

Simply Unique Events in Shawnee is a one-stop source for brides and  grooms that will help take the stress out of planning one of the most  important days of their lives. Dean Fishburn and his wife, Cindy, have  owned and operated the business since 2011. Dean meets with 10 to 20  couples each week while Cindy works 80 percent of her time at the      accounting firm the couple owns.

Located at 13010 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Shawnee, Simply Unique Events features the space for indoor or outdoor weddings and receptions. The contemporary facility accommodates up to 200 guests with additional space for dancing.

Dean and Cindy take great pride in the service they provide. “There aren’t many owner operators that have a vested  interest in a person’s wedding or event,” said Dean. “We cover all details during our planning. We help couples exceed expectations and needs they may not even realize they have.”

No detail is left out of the process as Dean provides a comprehensive seven-page packet for planning the wedding related

details. He typically meets with the couple at least six to nine months before the big event. “Whether a couple is local or out of state, we are personally involved from the moment they walk in the door to begin planning their special day,” said Dean. “Many times a bride may not realize all the details that are part of a wedding or reception.”

To avoid any surprises, Dean works closely with the couple to review a line item budget. And what is probably one of the most reassuring aspects of hosting a special day at Simply Unique Events is that Dean and his wife are always onsite and manage the details. “We help choreograph the day to ensure it is a success.” By planning with the couple, weddings and receptions are “Simply Unique” and everything is the way the bride and groom wants. Dean provides the couple with a list of responsibilities for their reception that includes relaxing, having fun and making memories.

As a one stop source for brides, Simply Unique Events offers in-house catering with its own chef and kitchen.  Personalized attention to the details and unique decorations make the dreams of any bride come true. The tables feature decorations selected from an extensive collection of options owned by the business. China, crystal and linen table wear add to the ambiance of the occasion. An experienced DJ is available to help ensure important parts of the day are not overlooked.

Dean and Cindy have worked with preferred vendors for years.  “We are happy to provide referrals for wedding cakes, florists, photographers, limo services, wedding ceremony officiates and more,” said Dean.

Photo by Phoenix Photography Inc, Shawnee Kansas

In addition to wedding receptions and special parties, corporate events and business meetings are also held at the facility. It’s an ideal setting for offsite business meetings, training sessions, continuing education, private staff meetings, corporate events and more. With an average of 40 weddings a year, Dean works seven days a week and finds the business extremely rewarding. The attention to detail, focusing on people and touching their hearts is what Dean knows sets his business apart from other venues.

“When a bride calls or comes back and tells me she had no idea how much
it took to make everything run so smoothly – it is rewarding.
When she tells me that she will remember the night for the rest of her
life I know we have touched her heart on the biggest day of her life.”

Contact Simply Unique for all your wedding venue and wedding needs:

Simply Unique Event Venue

1303 Shawnee Mission ParkwayShawnee, KS 66213(913) 631-7558

A Photographer a Bride can count on!

Chad Davis Photography has been in business for over 20 years.  The sole owner and operator is Chad Davis.  What sets Chad Davis Photography apart from other photographers is Chad’s long lasting and positive reputation.
Your happiness is Chad’s #1 priority.

He has a natural ability to make others feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.  His outgoing personality, charm and ability to acclimate to any environment comfortably, makes Chad uniquely well qualified for any photography need.

Chad has extensive experience in lighting, retouching, photo restoration, commercial and wedding photography.
Chad Davis Photography offers other types of photography as well, such as Maternity, New Birth, Infants, Toddlers, Children, Pets, Family and Single Person Portraits, and Graduation/Senior.  Chad recently began photographing food for his wife’s new and growing Greek Food + more blog ~ Glykia Zoi ~ Sweet Life.

Chad has been an upstanding citizen of Kansas City for over 40 years and has trained seriously in the field of photography since the age of 18.  Chad recently publicized a book of his work as well.  Featuring photos from Yellowstone National Park and Washington state.  Chad offers class and one on one training on camera equipment, photography and more.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about Chad, feel free to contact him at 816-761-7249.
Chad Davis Photography | Owner

P: 816-761-7249 |

What Makes Tahiti Great for Romance?

As the most prominent part in all of French Polynesia, Tahiti, is one of the most romantic places in the world! It has become synonymous with love and the thrill of being with someone you love. But what about this destination makes it such a romantic place worth taking your Valentine to?

Simply put, Tahiti is a unique place that has all sorts of amazing things for couples to do. The island is far off from civilization and offers an intimate setting that feels like a real life utopia.

Amazing Scenery – It is hard to match the scenery that can be found in Tahiti. The island is filled with all sorts of gorgeous features that include the lush jungle painted mountains around the island and some of the most impressive white sand beaches imaginable. You might even think you stepped into a postcard because of how picture perfect the surroundings are.

Should you and your lover ever leave the room, you can enjoy exploring all that Tahiti has to offer including some beautiful forests and mountain tops around the island. You’ll find the skies are clear practically year-round and the crystal blue waters are rarely ever crowded. Sometimes being in a remote destination is the perfect way to get away from our troubles back home and just focus on ourselves.

Haley Davis – Owner & Travel Counselor

Destinations HD

“I sell experiences, not travel reservations. I create a lifetime of memories!”
Experiences Await…

Ph: (913) 244-9195


10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Let’s face it. Having a Wedding is not cheap. We want to cut corners but we also don’t want to serve hot dogs on paper plates (unless of course that’s part of your wedding theme). We offer some ideas below on ways you can save up to a few thousand dollars on your wedding that can possibly be used as a down payment towards a new home together. There are so many ways to save money on your wedding. You just have to start thinking about them! We start you off with ten money saving ideas below.

Keep Your Guest List Small

You know who your closest friends and family are and we suggest creating your guest list based these people. Having a small guest list does affect a few factors, however, such as the type of wedding reception you have and the total cost of the reception. If you want a big wedding bash, you may not get that with a small guest list, but you do save on the amount you spend for food and costs for renting out a location with a large reception area.

Serve Your Own Liquor/Alcohol

If you have tables set up, you may want to put a bottle or two of champagne or wine for guests to serve themselves. You may also be able to find an acquaintance who happens to be a bartender to help provide drinks to your guests. What you pay this person will be significantly less than hiring an actual bartender at your reception’s location.

Turn Your Dinner Reception into Something Different

Have a wedding reception brunch or cocktail/dessert party will cut your food costs in half (or more). Or if you prefer to have your wedding around dinner time, heavy h’orderves buffet style is an excellent substitution to a dinner plate. Sometimes this option is more filling and guests have a variety of food from which to choose.

Get Married During Non-Traditional Wedding Months, Days and Hours

April through August and December are generally the busiest wedding months. If you decide that you want to get married during the wedding season, try booking ahead of time, up to a year if possible. Saturday is the most common day of the week to have a wedding; you will save money booking your wedding on any other day of the week. Wedding Catering Dinner is also the most expensive time during the day to have your wedding reception. Again, depending on the type of wedding you want- all night partying or mid-day tea party and brunch, your choices are limited for times that your reception will take place.

Make Your Own Veil

Creating your own veil will cut your costs by at least $75. Depending on the type of veil you want to wear, with or without a dazzling headpiece, you can save even more. Making your own veil also adds some sentimental value to your wedding. The love of your life will be the one to left the veil(that you personally created) away from your face to give you your first kiss after being married.

Don’t Purchase a Customized Wedding Attire

Bridal salons can customize their gowns to your exact shape and size, as well as your choice of wedding dress design and details. This comes with a price tag of course and usually a several thousand dollar price tag. You can save money by going to a warehouse or outlet to look for discontinued dresses or out of season wedding dresses from designers. Even if these gowns do not fit you just right, you can still take your dress to get it custom fitted and you still end up saving thousands of dollars. Another thing to remember is that many salons also have display dresses for sale (sizes are usually smaller) and if you fit in smaller size range, you may find the perfect gown ready to wear.

Limit the Photographer’s Time

Save on photographers by hiring them only for certain times of the wedding and maybe only the first hour of the reception. Also, ask if they can provide you with the negatives or a copy of the memory card of the images for a fee. You will save on enlargements instead of going through the wedding photographer to enlarge your wedding photos.

Make Your Own Invitations

This is your chance to show some creativity! Make a night or two or three of it with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be. This is definitely one way to spend some time together and make your invites a little more personal.

Use Artificial Flowers

Use fake flowers for all-over decor and flower girl baskets. Use fresh flowers for your own bouquet. Artificial flowers (especially high quality artificial flowers) can look even more brilliant and colorful than real flowers. You might also be able to find exotic flowers that would cost hundreds to import. Many craft stores like JoAnn or Michaels often have sales and a good variety to choose from. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you can use them afterwards to decorate your home.

Hold Your Wedding Reception in Your Parents’ Beautiful Backyard (or Yours)

Not only will you save on reception location costs, you’ll save on per head charges, cake cutting, food and this list goes on. Not only is this an excellent way to save money but it’s an excellent way to make your wedding close and personal. You can invite more friends and family and make it a memorable affair for everyone. Just because it’s held in your backyard, you can still have it anytime during the day especially at night. Just make sure you have proper lighting and create the right atmosphere for night-time backyard receptions.

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